With: Kimberly C. Paul

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Episode #8 


We're in a hospice industry that is making patients conform to a benefit, and I say, "No ma'am, no sir. Not on my watch." And so, the tour, the Live Well Die Well Tour is a way for me to A, Heal, because I left in an angry state, and I healed with that grief, but in a world that is pushing for disconnection, I am so desperate for connection.

Everyone and everything on this planet will face the same fate. Stories make it easier, and these are those. This is the Death Diaries Podcast. I am your host Paul King. On this episode I talk with Kimberly Paul, who, since writing her book, Bridging The Gap, has been on her next adventure speaking all across the United States, and she's doing it a little bit differently. She bought an RV, downsized all of her belongings, and hit the road with her German Shepherd Haven. Here's Kimberly's story of her Live Well Die Well Tour.

Dear Diary, it was a normal start of any old Friday in April, but one conversation with one complete stranger would open the door to my new reality. I often get questions about why my boyfriend would break up with me and never tell me he had cancer. You see, I don't have all the answers, but coming face to face with the reality that this strong man, my first love died at the age of 30 from melanoma, awakened a new relationship with life and death.

He's the inspiration of my tour, the Live Well Die Well Tour. A driving tour to 49 states in an RV with my German Shepherd, Haven. I'm hoping to find connection in order to change how we talk, plan and celebrate our lives, even to our last breath. We will all die, and if we've loved, we will all grieve. I just hope I wear my grief well. I just hope at the end of my life I can say that I lived a life that I'm proud of, that I've left my mark on this world. And that connection, that connection with other human beings was my ultimate and forever goal In my life.

Episode #8

On this episode Paul talks with Kimberly C. Paul, who shares about her Live Well Die Well Tour and 17-year hospice career.


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